Nile perch are best fished for with lures. Due to the size of the  lake trolling is the favourite method. Its a nice relaxing way of  fishing for the angler, you just keep in contact with the lure and  wait for the almighty slam when a fish hits you! Some trolling is  done really close to the shoreline searching out overhangs  where other times you may be out in open water fishing over  sunken mountain tops!   Nile perch do seem to have a habit of hitting when you least  expect it, just as your mind is wandering or your`re watching  wildlife seems to be the most popular times!   The great thing about Nile perch is they behave the same as  their smaller cousins. If you get a hit then very often repeat  passes through the same spot will see more action. The hooked  fish seem to excite any others in the area and they switch into  aggressive mode!  Perfect weather, stunning scenery and breathtaking sunsets are reason enough to visit Lake Nasser. Add to that the chance to battle with one of the worlds largest freshwater fish and you have found an anglers heaven! The Nile perch grows to colossal sizes, the current world record stands at 232lb but fish in excess of that have been captured by both anglers and commercial fishermen. It is quite a sobering thought to be playing a 20lb fish knowing that something could rise from the depths at any second and engulf it in one go! Lake Nasser is a truly special place to be and we would like to take this opportunity to give you some good reasons to visit there very soon! Fancy a trip?   When you weigh up the cost in relation to a French carp trip there  is very little difference. I would love to say its a once in a lifetime  experience but I keep returning, it truly is a place that draws you  back.  We fish with a company called Nile Perch Heaven. The reason  we use them is that they are UK based and tick every  requirement and need for the complete Lake Nasser experience.  •No transfer fees between airport, Luxor & Aswan  •Rods & reel provided - no hire charge  •Full selection of lures - no hire charge  •Superb crew, friendly and knowledgable  •Excellent food, we`ve never had Pharaohs Revenge!  See you on the lake!!!!!  People think a week on Nasser is going to be expensive but  consider this. Thousands of anglers cross the Channel each  year to fish for French carp. Have you ever sat and worked out  the true cost of a trip though? When fishing, food, fuel, ferries,  bait, tolls are totted you are not going to have much change  out of a thousand pounds. If you choose an all inclusive it  works out even more!  For the same money you could be jetting off to Egypt for a  relaxing week fishing. No worries about £10 a kilo bait going  off, no stress whether you`re going to beat a pb.   Each fishing boat comfortably takes three anglers so you can  sip away on a cold beer with your mates and have the  experience of a lifetime and get an incredible tan in the  process!  Despite what you read in the newspapers or see on the TV,  Egypt is a safe country to visit. Bad press has seen the tourist  industry suffer badly and these already friendly people now  welcome foreigners with even bigger smiles!   The government insist that tourists are accompanied by a guard  (totally unnecessary) so for the length of time you are on the  lake a member of the Egyptian army is there to keep you  company! It is a position the army guys absolutely love as they  get to have a lazy weeks holiday on a boat rather than square  bashing!  Nasser is a vast expanse of water and about as safe a place to  be as you could wish for.  
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